Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Really Will Get Loud

My dad wrote a blog!  I think it's excellent.  Check it out here.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What is a Yak?

Jerry and I were visiting his parents in Huntsville and we happened to drive by an airplane show. It was raining so we walked under one of the hangers where four of the pilots were getting ready to fly in formations. Jer's parents knew one of them and he asked if Jerry and I wanted to go up with them!!!

This was no AA flight.  The planes were tiny, two-seater, prop planes called "Russian YAK's" which is what they used to train pilots on how to fly bombers... Which means they are fast... and swoop up, down and all over the place... Which is what we did!

When the pilot asked me if I wanted to go up I said, yes, and ignored all the questions that went through my head, such as:

"Is there a parachute?"

"How old is this plane and do you often have it inspected?"

"You do realize it's raining, yes?"

"Who are you?"

"Do you have a strong will to live?"

I didn't want him to start second guessing his partner choice so I kept my questions [panic] to myself. The only question I asked was, "How long will we be up in the air?"

This question was key was because we just ate a big breakfast at this southern home-cooking place called "The Squirrel" and I needed to know how long I would have to hold on if my stomach turned on me; but the pilot answered me by saying, "Not too long."

I wasn't sure what that meant.

Even thought I was scared I couldn't help but praise God for arranging this for us! He knows I miss being flipped and twisted all over the place in cheerleading! :)

Here are the pics:

Me in the plane, strapped in, and ready for lift off [sans the peanuts and sodas].

Jerry in his plane- you can see his smilling face! :)

Starting the engine. (We could wave to each other while doing the formations... Pretty fun!)

Lined up on the grass "runway" (Way down there on the left).

Me lifting off!! You can't tell but I am wearing an Anne Taylor shirt and big hoop earrings... which I just think is funny.

Us doing a diagonal, way up in the clouds!

I am in the back and Jerry is in the front. It's the scariest thing to look up and see the belly of a plane right on top of you!!!

Safe landing!

Jerry = Ecstatic!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Loose Ends

I feel I leave a lot of loose ends on my blog. So as not to keep anyone up at night I will try to tie some of them up.

1. The iPhone Itch.
Still itching. But it's quite manageable most of the time; sometimes subconscious altogether. (Except when I get lost on the road which brings the itch to life with an acute vengeance.) I did go ahead and get an iPod though. Must... have... music!

2. Vampire Nerd (Hi, my name is Lauren and I read teenage novels.)
Maybe I could blame my lack of blogging on reading the Twilight series but as anyone who has read them knows, it only takes you 4 days to read all four books because they are that enveloping! I can't wait for the next movie which happens to come out on my exact birthday!

3. Photos
Anyone remember me mentioning this project of getting photos in albums? Well, as suspected, I started the project and abandoned it for months. BUT randomly I picked it back up again and knocked them ALL out! Hurray!!

Other info you might (not) be interested in:

1. "This Side of Paradise."
I picked it up because he's one of my Dad's favorite authors. All in all... I think I out punted my coverage on that one.. didn't quite get some things. But there is one paragraph that I may have to post when football season really gets rolling because it's just hilarious! (Um, unless ole F. Scott meant that part to be serious...)

2. Kids Camp!
I went as a leader to The Village Kids Camp this year. We are not allowed to post the pics of the little munchkins but take my word it was SO FUN! I LOVED my cute little girls!! I was over 4 little punkins who were going into 4th and 5th grade. I felt honored to hear their little hearts through out the week. Sweet sweet sweet.

3. Scripture Memory
I am terrible at this. I kept thinking it would just happen.. but lo.. it has not 'just happened'. So I decided to approach this with the same vigor that I do when training for a marathon and that's when someone told me about this. It's so Type A and boarder line nerdy with this little pouch that you carry around... but I guess I am Type A and a little nerdy myself because I LOVE IT. Desperate times call for desperate measures :)

4. Jerry's garden: Jalapenos and Tomatoes :)

On a final note:
Shout out to my little brother who graduated from UNT last month! SO proud of him!

Good night!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Please excuse me while I read the Twilight series.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


This blog is to my dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day.  For you who don't know him but might read this, here are a few little snippets into the sillier side of my dad...  It seems I may have gotten some of my writing quirks from him... 

This is an email I received from him on a normal, average day that needed a laugh:

New Bike Speed Record Set By Really Old Dad

In a recent event, a Garland, Tx resident set a blister pace on his
Madone 5.9 bike yesterday. In a 30-mile sprint the aged one, Joe
Falkner, set a new land speed record for a man on a bike. "This
surely is a feat that dwarfs my seven Tour De France wins", said Lance
Armstrong upon hearing of the achievement. "I only hope", Armstrong
continued, "that when I am his age, I am half that good."

In fact, Mr. Falkner's speed was so great that the air friction on the
air ripped open his small storage pouch that fits under his saddle
seat. Unfortunately, the open pouch allowed for Mr. Falkner's cell
phone to become dislodged and fall to the ground, smashing to tiny,
tiny bits, Mr. Falkner reports.

For those wishing to congratulate Mr. Falkner on his remarkable
achievement, he, for the time being, can be reached only on his
office phone.

Here's another couple of funny writing tidbits that he wrote when we (me and my 2 siblings) we young; the age where Cheerio's are a necessity to life:

Ode to Cheerio's

How 'bout them
Just lying in the bowl,
Soaking up the white milk
In their round holes

Little white eyes
not even blinking
Makes a body wonder
what could they be thinking

Little crunchy critters
Each and every one,
Scoop 'em up in your spoon,
Chomp'em have some fun.

Ode to Snifflin' Kids

How 'bout them
snifflin' kids
Goopy nose and all
Wiping on the backs of hands
Wiping on the walls

They're dripping in their rooms;
Sniffing all the time
Little brats are sneezing now
Blowing out their minds.

The little twerps are sickly
We got to catch it in the nip
Got to
wipe 'em down with kleenex
before they kiss you on the lips

Oh parenthood.  (I have no idea do I!!) 

Now I can't possibly go into all the reasons why I think my dad is the greatest on a blog because "all my readers" would trail off somewhere on page 22.  

But I will say that I am so thankful to have my dad as my dad.  He is pretty much the easiest person in world to admire.  

He loves our family; always takes the brunt of life for us.  He is a hard worker, very smart, very athletic, very funny, and very kind to everyone.  He has been an encourager to me all my life.

Thanks, Dad, for being so great!  Jerry and I both love you and we also have a little Father's Day "prize" for when we see you next :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


is for Long. Over. Due.

Jerry and I went on a cruise in April!!

(I haven't been able to muster up the umphf to wrestle with loading photos on Blogger. I think my little Apple is past her prime so I have to be in a very patience state of mind to upload.)

Anywho, here are some pics. This is our first full day on the boat. Jerry is on the "Flow-rider." It's a simulated wave that goes so fast it will have grown men flying through the air like little tots.

LOTS of wipe-outs.

Quite the entertainment.

Next Jerry and his dad played in the super-serious, ever-popular Dodge Ball Tournament.

They definitely looked the coolest. Matching bandanna's = SCARY :)

Here's Jerry and his mom at one of the jazz clubs that night..

Our first port- Labadi, Haiti. So lush!

Here we are on the beloved hammock. Sadly Jerry didn't move from this spot once all day because he was sick. :(

Ah, pretty Labadi!

Next stop- Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

For an excursion we climbed up a waterfall!

I wish I could post the pics but every one is hilariously awkward because we are all in swim suites; legs and arms flailing.

Seriously, I could not believe they let people do this! We didn't even sign a waiver! One false move and crack goes your skull! "No worries" in Jamaica though, I guess..

This pic is at the top of the falls..

(Please do not judge the shoes.)

(They made you.)

(And I enjoyed them.)

After this day (with all the waterfall climbing and what-not) Jerry went from feeling bad to REALLY bad.

See. :(

But he survived.

And even busted out some smooth-moves to "Staying Alive" later that night.

Next stop- Grand Camen Island!

This stop was a favorite of the group. B-E-A-U-tiful water. Blue and clear even WAY far out. I road a jet-ski, John and Lecia para-sailed, and John and Jerry sailed a catamaran..

Final stop- Cozumel!

This one was my favorite stop. We rented scooters and drove around the island.

Ahhhhhh, so wonderful! You could smell the tropical flowers and watch the huge waves crash on the rocks while zipping along the road.

I love you beach!

And our final day on the boat I went for it on the Flow-rider!

(And I also ate it on the Flow-rider seconds after)..

Such a great trip. Beautiful world.

the end.

sniff. sniff.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Great 8

Ok, Kristen tagged me on this. There are supposed to be 8 answers in each section but I used my blogger license to bend the rules.  

Things I look forward to:
1.  Future trips to the beach
2.  Christmas
3.  Home group
4.  1 Corinthians 13:12  (For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.) 

Things I did yesterday:
1.  Unpacked the rest of my things from the beach
2.  Went on a walk with Jer
3.   Sat and stared at the lake

Things I wish I could do:
1.  Cook.  It's just not happening people.  Lindsey Brittany promised to give me a lesson or two which is great because I am telling you, she made some tiramisu that sent me to the third heaven
2.  Run a marathon 
3.  Go to Tibet and meet some sweet Tibetans and see their rosy cheeks
4.  Redo moments in my life. Where's my remote? Rewind, Delete, Fast Forward...
5.  Love people better
6.  Think quick on my feet  
7.  Travel the world
8.  Pay to take my friends and family with me

Shows I Watch:
1. So You Think You Can Dance
2. The office
3. Lost
4. If Designing Women was still running then I'd watch that too!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Bobcat

Hello, Mrs. Williams.

Hello, Doctor, thank you for seeing me today.

And what brings you in?

Well, it's finally happened.  I had a heart attack.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The iPhone Itch

Some how I have managed to steer clear of the iPhone craze mainly because I didn't see the need.

But what once was simple has now become complex and I need the sanity of my fellow bloggers to keep me from jumping over the edge... or push me over altogether.

Here are the facts:

Fact: I get lost more than anyone I know (depsite being a Dallas resident all my life) and in these times of lostness I can't seem to get my go-to people on the phone (Sister, Husband, Mom). Thus I end up in tears somewhere between a one-way street and a missed right turn. The twilight zone does exist.

Fact: The iPhone has a GPS

Fact: My iPod went ka-put a while back so I don't have one of those

Fact: The iPhone IS an iPod

Fact: We have a stero system that only plays an iSomething. No radio/CD's/Tapes. The only iSomething we have is Jerry's phone which means I can only listen things to when A.) Jerry is home and B.) not on the phone. Are you feeling me? 
(Do people still use the term 'stereo system' now-a-days? Sounds a little 90's to me)

Fact: I sit at my desk most of the day so I have no need for a phone that does anything but ring 90% of my life

Fact: The reason iPhone DOES all these cool things is because you PAY for it... we can not forget that part $$

Fact: I think Looped looks fun!!!!

So here are your voting options:
A.) Purchase an iPhone
B.) Purchase an iPod 
C.) Sit contentedly and enjoy the quiet


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a missing cord will do to you...

Obviously I am a bit behind. But my dad always told me "Better late than never" and "Sooner better than later."

There was a third saying but I can't remember it now, which is unfortunate because I am sure it holds the answers to all my life's errancies.

First things first:

Christmas at my parents house...
Then, after one short drive to Alabama, Christmas at Jerry's parents house.

Both were a Blast!
On the way home we swung by Memphis with Jamey and Mel to see tiny little Z and her new Mama and Daddy.

So fun :)
And then there was Summer's house-warming party where everyone was in rare form (without the help of even caffeine.. just plain-old crazy running though the veins). At this point only Geoff and Kevin had lost it, which you can tell if you look them closely in the eyes.

Next in photos we have a picture of my good friend Jenny's rehearsal dinner at Nick and Sam's where I had my first steak since middle school. I was pretty sicked out with myself the next day but I didn't feel right about ordering fish at one of the best steak houses in Dallas.

Then there was the wedding which I didn't take many pics at because they had an instant-photo booth set up. Man, an instant-photo booth will bring out the narcissist in the most humble of people.

It was awesome!!

And that brings us up to date!
Sorry you only get the details on events that I took pictures at but those are the only ones I remember at the moment!

Monday, March 9, 2009

For my Mom

This blog is in honor of my mom who's birthday was on Friday! I am not going to say which number she turned but let's say it's a nice round number that's worth of making note! :)

These are a few of her pics from the University of Alabama homecoming. She got to go on the field because she was a cheerleader when Paul "Bear" Bryant was there!

Obviously, we have cheerleading in common but there is so much more about my mom that I love and and hope to inherit.

To name a few:
Southern Charm, Quick whit, Strength, Beauty (you would never guess her birthday!!), Determination, Positive, Always encourages to do the right thing even when it might go bad (aka: tell the truth about a 'cheerleading shoes' mishap!), Knows more about College football than most guys I know combined!


My mom and brother Scott

Mom pointing out her brick at the Pi Phi house!

Brother (luckily) standing in front of the Bama Pi Phi house

Don't know my college football trivia but I know that this guy is real good!

Ok, that's it for now. I found my photo cord so hopefully I will get a chance to update soon...

Plus, before my mom's birthday there was another family member with a significant birthday that I will blog on too! I just need a few things first...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lists of Things

Things I am enjoying while Jerry is out of town fishing:
1.  Being able to park smack dab in the middle of the garage
2.  Being able to turn my heating blanket up to full blast when I go to sleep at night
3.  Hmm, yep, that's it.  COME HOME HUSBAND!

Things I have been obsessing over in my fridge/pantry:
1. Almond stuffed olives.  Don't even really like olives but these are irresistible.
2. Blue cheese.  A few weeks ago I made blue cheese stuffed turkey burgers and fell in love with the flavor.  
3. Smoked Gouda.  Why did I waste most of my life without trying this?  Why wasn't there intervention?? Are you not my friends?
4. Cinnamon.  I have been putting this on anything remotely sweet; coffee, toast, cereal, ice-cream. Yummm

Things I have been doing with my spare time:
1.  Cleaning out and organizing all my pictures.  This is a CHORE.  Right now I have pictures from all time periods in random nooks and crannies of my house and car.  It's time for some adult organization.  I am only in the beginning stages of this but hope to finish by this time next week... we'll see.
2.  Painting.  I fell in love with a painting that was expensive so I though I would just try and paint it.  Is this the picture of over-ambition?  Probably.  Anyways yesterday I sat down on my kitchen floor and gave it a go.  (That's the one and only bonus to hating your floral print kitchen floor- you can paint on it and not worry too much about making it look bad).  Well the picture I was trying to emulate was an abstract and my finished product looks decisively literal. Oh well.  Maybe Jerry will like it :)

In closing I would like to apologize for the lack of photos.  I can't seem to find the cord that hooks to my laptop.  Probably in a nook somewhere with aged photos.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The President, the Passengers, and the Patience of God

I liked this article. I found it here.

January 21, 2009

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed at being treated better than we deserve that we must exult in the all-sovereign God—the God of birds' flight and Obama’s rise. When King David pondered how many were God’s “wondrous deeds,” he said, “I will proclaim and tell of them, yet they are more than can be told” (Psalm 40:5). That’s the way I feel watching God’s public mercies in the last few days.

Have you considered how unlikely was the crash of USAir flight 1549 in the Hudson River on January 15—not just the rescue but the crash itself? Picture this: The Airbus A320 is taking off at an angle—maybe 30 degrees. It’s not flying horizontal with the earth. Not only that, it is flying fast—not full speed yet, but perhaps four times as fast as your car would go at top highway speeds.

The geese are flying horizontally with the ground, more or less. They are not flying in a cloud like a swarm of bees. They fly level with the ground, often shaped like a V. In view of all that, what are the odds that, traveling at this speed and at this angle, this airplane would intersect with the flight of those geese at that very millisecond which would put a bird not just in one of those engines, but both of them?

Two laser-guided missiles would not have been as amazingly effective as were those geese. It is incredible, statistically speaking. If God governs nature down to the fall (and the flight) of every bird, as Jesus says (Matthew 10:29), then the crash of flight 1549 was designed by God.

Which leads to the landing in the Hudson River—which is just as unlikely. The airbus now has no thrust in either engine. The flight attendants said it was as quiet as a library in the plane without the sound of engines. The plane is now a 77-ton glider with its belly full of fuel. Captain Sullenberger decides to land in the river. Anywhere else would mean one big fireball.

He banks and misses the George Washington Bridge by 900 feet and glides the plane into a perfect belly landing. A few degrees tilt to the front or back or the right or left and the plane would have done cartwheels down the river and broken up. On the water, the flight attendant does not let passengers open the rear door. That would have flooded the cabin too fast. The emergency doors and front doors provide exits for everyone and the plane floats long enough for all of them to climb out. Ferry boats are there almost instantly. The captain walks the aisle twice to make sure everyone is off. Then he leaves. Later the plane sinks.

If God guides geese so precisely, he also guides the captain’s hands. God knew that when he took the plane down, he would also give a spectacular deliverance. So why would he do that? If he means for all to live, why not just skip the crash?

Because he meant to give our nation a parable of his power and mercy the week before a new President takes office. God can take down a plane any time he pleases—and if he does, he wrongs no one. Apart from Christ, none of us deserves anything from God but judgment. We have belittled him so consistently that he would be perfectly just to take any of us any time in any way he chooses.

But God is longsuffering. He is slow to anger. He withholds wrath every day. This is what we saw in the parable. The crash of Flight 1549 illustrates God’s right and power to judge. The landing of the plane represents God’s mercy. It was God’s call to all the passengers and all their families and all who heard the story to repent and turn to God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and receive forgiveness for sin.

I am writing these thoughts on the evening after the inauguration of Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the United States. I cried twice today. There were two points when I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. Once was when I prayed with some brothers after Obama’s speech and was overcome with the sinfulness of my own racist background. The other was in trying to express my emotion to an African-American brother about what this must mean for him.

As much as I reject Obama’s stance on abortion, I am thankful to the bottom of my soul that an African-American can be President of United States. The enormity of it all is unspeakable. This is God’s doing. The geese were God’s doing. The landing of Flight 1549 was God’s doing. And the Obama presidency is God’s doing. “He removes kings and sets up kings” (Daniel 2:21).

And I pray that President Obama has eyes to see. The “miracle on the Hudson” and the “miracle in the White House” are not unrelated. God has been merciful to us as a nation. Our racial sins deserved judgment a thousand times over. God does not owe America anything. We owe him everything. And instead of destruction, he has given us another soft landing. We are not dead at the bottom of the Hudson.

O that Barack Obama would see the mercies of God and look to the One whose blood bought everlasting life for all who trust him. The parables of God’s mercy are everywhere. The point of them is this: God is a just and patient Ruler, and Jesus Christ is a great Savior. Turn. Turn. Turn, O President of the United States and passengers of this planet.

Full of thanks for all God’s mercies,

Pastor John