Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Loose Ends

I feel I leave a lot of loose ends on my blog. So as not to keep anyone up at night I will try to tie some of them up.

1. The iPhone Itch.
Still itching. But it's quite manageable most of the time; sometimes subconscious altogether. (Except when I get lost on the road which brings the itch to life with an acute vengeance.) I did go ahead and get an iPod though. Must... have... music!

2. Vampire Nerd (Hi, my name is Lauren and I read teenage novels.)
Maybe I could blame my lack of blogging on reading the Twilight series but as anyone who has read them knows, it only takes you 4 days to read all four books because they are that enveloping! I can't wait for the next movie which happens to come out on my exact birthday!

3. Photos
Anyone remember me mentioning this project of getting photos in albums? Well, as suspected, I started the project and abandoned it for months. BUT randomly I picked it back up again and knocked them ALL out! Hurray!!

Other info you might (not) be interested in:

1. "This Side of Paradise."
I picked it up because he's one of my Dad's favorite authors. All in all... I think I out punted my coverage on that one.. didn't quite get some things. But there is one paragraph that I may have to post when football season really gets rolling because it's just hilarious! (Um, unless ole F. Scott meant that part to be serious...)

2. Kids Camp!
I went as a leader to The Village Kids Camp this year. We are not allowed to post the pics of the little munchkins but take my word it was SO FUN! I LOVED my cute little girls!! I was over 4 little punkins who were going into 4th and 5th grade. I felt honored to hear their little hearts through out the week. Sweet sweet sweet.

3. Scripture Memory
I am terrible at this. I kept thinking it would just happen.. but lo.. it has not 'just happened'. So I decided to approach this with the same vigor that I do when training for a marathon and that's when someone told me about this. It's so Type A and boarder line nerdy with this little pouch that you carry around... but I guess I am Type A and a little nerdy myself because I LOVE IT. Desperate times call for desperate measures :)

4. Jerry's garden: Jalapenos and Tomatoes :)

On a final note:
Shout out to my little brother who graduated from UNT last month! SO proud of him!

Good night!!