Monday, March 30, 2009

The iPhone Itch

Some how I have managed to steer clear of the iPhone craze mainly because I didn't see the need.

But what once was simple has now become complex and I need the sanity of my fellow bloggers to keep me from jumping over the edge... or push me over altogether.

Here are the facts:

Fact: I get lost more than anyone I know (depsite being a Dallas resident all my life) and in these times of lostness I can't seem to get my go-to people on the phone (Sister, Husband, Mom). Thus I end up in tears somewhere between a one-way street and a missed right turn. The twilight zone does exist.

Fact: The iPhone has a GPS

Fact: My iPod went ka-put a while back so I don't have one of those

Fact: The iPhone IS an iPod

Fact: We have a stero system that only plays an iSomething. No radio/CD's/Tapes. The only iSomething we have is Jerry's phone which means I can only listen things to when A.) Jerry is home and B.) not on the phone. Are you feeling me? 
(Do people still use the term 'stereo system' now-a-days? Sounds a little 90's to me)

Fact: I sit at my desk most of the day so I have no need for a phone that does anything but ring 90% of my life

Fact: The reason iPhone DOES all these cool things is because you PAY for it... we can not forget that part $$

Fact: I think Looped looks fun!!!!

So here are your voting options:
A.) Purchase an iPhone
B.) Purchase an iPod 
C.) Sit contentedly and enjoy the quiet


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a missing cord will do to you...

Obviously I am a bit behind. But my dad always told me "Better late than never" and "Sooner better than later."

There was a third saying but I can't remember it now, which is unfortunate because I am sure it holds the answers to all my life's errancies.

First things first:

Christmas at my parents house...
Then, after one short drive to Alabama, Christmas at Jerry's parents house.

Both were a Blast!
On the way home we swung by Memphis with Jamey and Mel to see tiny little Z and her new Mama and Daddy.

So fun :)
And then there was Summer's house-warming party where everyone was in rare form (without the help of even caffeine.. just plain-old crazy running though the veins). At this point only Geoff and Kevin had lost it, which you can tell if you look them closely in the eyes.

Next in photos we have a picture of my good friend Jenny's rehearsal dinner at Nick and Sam's where I had my first steak since middle school. I was pretty sicked out with myself the next day but I didn't feel right about ordering fish at one of the best steak houses in Dallas.

Then there was the wedding which I didn't take many pics at because they had an instant-photo booth set up. Man, an instant-photo booth will bring out the narcissist in the most humble of people.

It was awesome!!

And that brings us up to date!
Sorry you only get the details on events that I took pictures at but those are the only ones I remember at the moment!

Monday, March 9, 2009

For my Mom

This blog is in honor of my mom who's birthday was on Friday! I am not going to say which number she turned but let's say it's a nice round number that's worth of making note! :)

These are a few of her pics from the University of Alabama homecoming. She got to go on the field because she was a cheerleader when Paul "Bear" Bryant was there!

Obviously, we have cheerleading in common but there is so much more about my mom that I love and and hope to inherit.

To name a few:
Southern Charm, Quick whit, Strength, Beauty (you would never guess her birthday!!), Determination, Positive, Always encourages to do the right thing even when it might go bad (aka: tell the truth about a 'cheerleading shoes' mishap!), Knows more about College football than most guys I know combined!


My mom and brother Scott

Mom pointing out her brick at the Pi Phi house!

Brother (luckily) standing in front of the Bama Pi Phi house

Don't know my college football trivia but I know that this guy is real good!

Ok, that's it for now. I found my photo cord so hopefully I will get a chance to update soon...

Plus, before my mom's birthday there was another family member with a significant birthday that I will blog on too! I just need a few things first...