Sunday, April 27, 2008

weeks in pics

so i have been meaning to post what we did for our anniversary for weeks now (thanks for asking Kristen!) but that will have to be put on hold once again. why the delay? well i got a new camera (yippee!!!). just as we headed out on our trip my old camera sadly bit the dust for good. she had been showing signs for weeks and, fight though she may, her time had come to an end. Jerry, knowing my passion for blogging, swung into the Best Buy parking lot and put a big smile on his wife's face.
i offered to just get a a throwaway Kodak and said i could make that work with my blog- but we all know that was a lie. i would be a picture-less blogger and would have had to upgrade my blog to one of the intellectual types that doesn't need pictures to stand on it's feet - and i just don't know that i could pull that off. so all that to say, i am very behind on posting some fun events due to putting off figuring out my new camera (which really only took 2 seconds once i sat down to look at it). so here you are for your viewing pleasure:

Our little nephew- sorry for the lack of focus and sorry for the lack of pictures. my camera skills were at an all time low that night.

Jerry's work had a party at the Lone Star Park horse races. it was quite interesting because that was the night we had all that real bad hail. so rather then leaving early we all sat and waited out the storm which made for a long night. and can i just say, i even impressed myself with my small talk ability. unfortunately i am usually a mute at these events but God graced me with some generic sentences and it was really a fun night! ---GO!

the next fun event was my sister's 30th birthday party! whooo hooo! this cake was aaah-mazing!

here's Jer and Stephen- i though this was a good pic :)

and the whole fam :) we had so much fun! sorry to the other guests who aren't photographed. i don't think they'll miss being on my blog though :) (clearly my hair was struggling)

the next night one of Jer's best friends, John, got engagged! yea!

and here's John feeling like quite the man of mans! ha!

me and mel and tess getting some catch up time at Hotel Palimar during the festivities. they are too cute, are they not?!

that's it for now!

ok and i know that i don't have to become a photo-less blog but i will go ahead and try to write something of note in the future. life isn't all photo updates- but they are always fun!! :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

6 little words

Krysten tagged me to give a 6 Word Memoir!

At first thought i was tempted to refer you to the song by Meredith Brooks, ha!  but i am not a mother yet so that won't fit here and the b word might not be the most appropriate one to start off with ;)

so after much fighting among words (some flattering some not so flattering) i decided on these...

Believer- this shapes and infiltrates all of the following words.  

Wife- one of the newer words to my collection and i do love it :)

Growing- Praise Jesus 

Listener- this is one of my favorite things to do :) 

Slow-processor- my dear husband knows this well :) he has learned to give me "processing time" for just about everything :) i think i am just wired to "consider".  :)

Can i stop at 5 for now?

I thought of one more! - Determined- i feel like my parents would nod at this one :)

oooh kaY!  i am tagging everyone related to me (that means Hayley, Sarah, Molly, Carol, Melissa) and also Niki F, and Andrea L 

Saturday, April 5, 2008

three hundred sixty-five and counting!

on March 31st Jer and i just celebrated our 1 year anniversary!  yea!  finally i have gotten a few pics to post!  i know most my blogs are well... about me!  aaaaaaand this one will be a little more "heavy on the lauren side" too!  but maybe you will see more than just a wedding, who knows :)
these a just a few of all the great pictures that were taken...

These programs were created by my sister-in-law!  she is very talented- check out her site!

whoohoo!  Jer on fire!

here's Mom helping Mama to get extra beautiful!

and the bride of course has to put in an extra little umpf today!

okay, honestly this is my favorite picture of the whole bunch!

our sweet flower girl is worn out from all the jumping!!

the boys looking very relaxed and adult

aaaand the boys looking rediculious!

ahh, i loved the bridesmaid's flowers 

not as much as the beautiful girls themselves though! 

here she goes!  taking her job VERY seriously!  soooo cute i could eat her UP!

dun dun da-dun!  me feeling nervous/excited/calm and my Dad looking mighty spiffy!

i loved the back of my dress so much i am tempted to cut it up and make place mats.  that might be odd though...

and THIS was THE MOST MEMORABLE moment of it all.  saying vows to God that i could never keep apart from His love and grace!  what an awesome thing.  


and my new big family!  everyone in this picture i love with ALL my heart!

one happy bride :)

our first dance to the amazing U2 song "One" 

whoo!  lot's of spins!  Jer is a great dancer!

one more- couldn't resist!  "Love is a temple, Love is a higher law..." can't you just HEAR it!

now THIS i must say was a blast picking out!  it was white chocolate on the outside and Yummy strawberry cake on the inside- perrrrrfect!

the chocolate cake was not too bad either!  i love me some chocolate with caramel cake!

aw :)

my beautiful Mom!

ha!  um, Jer's Dad is PRETTY CRAZY!  heehee ;)

that might be a good one to end on!  scanning takes FOREVER!
it was a great night and our first year has been even better... probably because i am married to the sweetest, funniest, most loving and patient guy ever!  

i am one thankful girl.