Saturday, June 28, 2008

let the mess begin!



and de-wallpapering!

Prepping for texture (and a 2 second break :) )

and now here comes the texture gun. READY!!...AIM!!

{please insert a decibel level equal to that of a Jet Engine.}

{also feel free to insert Exhaustion and Texture EVERYWHERE}

but ultimately we have a job well done. way to go guys!

continuing on - clean up...

ceiling painting...

and more prepping for painting!

can i get a witness for the first stripe of color! yea!

and more color! I LOVE the colors of paint! yip!

ha i love this picture :) here's Jerry about to strangle me if i made him pose for one more picture... but he looked like Dapper Dan from Oh Brother Where Art Thou so i couldn't help it!

and finally, moving in!

apparently i over did it on the packing paper...

but all the boxes we put to good use...

and we added a few temporary pieces to liven the place up

this is Jerry's last ounce of energy being joyfully extracted in our very own backyard :)

thank you again everyone for your help! we love you!

Friday, June 27, 2008


to the before pictures!
lovely kitchen- please take note of the floral wallpaper and matching floral tile. always in season

kitchen nook :)
soon to be our "family room" - angle 1

angle 2- the garage is out the door.  please let me say that glorious word again. Garage. 

and these are the moderately-aged, fully-functioning washer and dryer! yea! the one on the left i call 'Praise' and the one on the right 'The Lord'

and here's the living room

there are no pics of the bedrooms cause they are just square and empty and the bathrooms are basically one big piece of wall paper :) and we haven't done anything with them yet anyway so the before and after would be the same :)
ok the "during" pics are up next :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"ching ching" hear those door keys?!

previously i imagined writing this blog with much more vigor but right now it's almost 11:30pm and i am EXHAUSTED!!!  on june 16th we closed on our first house!!!  believe me, despite the slow typing (which you can't tell) and despite the misspelled words (which i will auto-correct) i am very very... worn out... oh whoops i meant to say EXCITED! 
why so exhausted? well lets just say texturing walls (um texturing after popcorn-scraping and wallpaper-removing) is one big death wish.  
is this a secret homeowners everywhere are instructed to keep quite about?  because i have never heard anyone speak of the Rage Provoking Drama of Wall Texturing!!!
ok. i feel better.  i just needed to get that off my chest.  
it really is a great house and we could not be more excited to move in and have all things great that are associated with a house. our most favorite of those things being:
BEAUTIFUL big trees
a front yard
a back yard
a guaranteed parking spot
and lots of future memories
(and hopefully, at some point walls that resemble walls again)
before i stumble into bed i must recognize (besides my husband) all the family that have helped out in different ways- YOU ARE GREAT!  especially Lecia who can get after some wall paper like nobodies business.