Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Interruption!

So last week we were interrupted with the classic 'knock on the door.' Actually it was more of a 'frantic banging and doorbell ringing'.

It was a policeman telling us to get out of the house cause there was a fire. So we ran out around back and saw that our shed was in flames about 15 feet high going up the two trees and down the fence. Pretty quickly three fire trucks whipped around the corner, hooked up their hoses and began working on putting it out. (that's gonna be you Kevo!)

I am not going to lie, I was scared. I wasn't really afraid of the house burning down so much as I was afraid seeing a fire so out of control. The result? Feeling vulnerable. And I do not like feeling vulnerable.

But it is good. I hope to become one of those weathered women that knows and trusts in the Lord through experience of Him being faithful. Even when the fire trucks don't come and everything burns to the ground.

So I didn't exactly float around the fire trucks saying "Ah, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away" but I have hope that Jesus will finish what He has started in me. Even when it looks like we have a long way to go :)

Here are some pics i got once it was clear that the fire was pretty much out:

The aftermath:

And in come the demolition team:

First you hook the dolly (clearly)

Then you tie it to the truck

Then you watch as the impossible happens


Little game of tug-a-war



All in a days work!

(Seriously, thanks to all who helped, i know Saturday mornings are precious!!)

Post Addendum:
What caused the fire? Squirrels. They found little squirrel-home residue (nuts and the like). They think they gnawed off the insulation on the electric wires in the shed. If they found a roasted little squirrel I didn't want to know about it!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From Fall to Winter: All the fun things

This is my favorite time of year for a few reasons:

1. Lot's of family birthday's
2. Football championships
3. Leaves turning fiery red (even if only slightly here in Texas)
4. Cold weather (thanks to birth control- who knew hormones had a play in what kind of whether you preferred?)
4. Reading by the fire
5. And celebrating Jesus during the Christmas season!

One random thing:

Did anyone know that this is an actual line in Little Drummer Boy-
"The ox and lamb kept time, par-rum-pa-pum-pum."
Weird. Kind of Narnia-ish.

Even after noticing that odd line it's still up there in my top Christmas songs. I love the picture of the little boy playing his heart out, his Very Best (which may or may not have actually been that good) out of love for Jesus.

Anyway, here are some 'Fall to Winter' pics:

Jerry acting very adult and intellectual in the coffee area of the DMA- one of my favorite places to wander.

What's fun is to notice my taste change and change again through the years as different areas in the museum become more or less appealing.

After this we went to my All Time Favorite restaurant, Kenichi. If you go please order the 'Blake' roll and the 'Baked Freddy'. You will die on the spot it's so good. And if you don't, you will definitely die when you get your check.

And everybody loves free birthday desert- especially if it's fried ice-cream (I didn't know we were at the fair).

Sorry for the black and white- i don't even know how that happened- but you needed to see the ice-cream

Another HUGE day of note is when we bought our first Christmas tree! We went to a cute little tree farm and looked for trees. It turns out that the trees at the tree farm were 3 times more expensive, for no visible reason, than the ones at the Neimans/Walmart. So we went back there instead!

Only thing is that at Neimans you can't tell what they look like cause they are all bound up.

But i think we got a good one! It's so pretty!
Yea Christmas!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Jerry!

this is my husband...

and he is a Halloween baby...

Today he is turning 29!

So let's celebrate!...

by talking about...


Jerry "The Risk Taker" Williams- who on our first road trip ran out of gas and literally costed off the highway and rolled right to a stop at the only gas station around for miles. (my dad was real happy to hear about that one)

Jerry- who made my dream come true of riding a horse RUNNING (this was no trail ride people!)

Jerry- who has friends that are as silly as he is

And who makes ME act silly too!

Who is always up for adventure (especially if it means he can wear a bandana)

And EXTRA especially if it includes windsurfing

Jerry- who I love to hear sing and strum his guitar

Jerry- who my family loves

Who is one heck of a tree trimmer

See- one heck of a tree trimmer

Who buys me flowers

And plants me flowers

Who's life is complete with a bug zapper and a grill

And who is a mean griller at that.

Who works hard at everything

And who is a joy to build a home with

All in all my husband is...

Happy Birthday my love :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i am officially getting old...

but i loooved cheering at Oklahoma so you are just going to have to relive all this with me :)

Every other year OU invites the alumni cheerleaders back to cheer at homecoming. Yea! It was so fun! (Um, but here is the part i can NOT believe... This was my THIRD alumni game so that means i have been graduated how many years??? This can not be! Has that much time really passed? Well the answer is yes, and my aching legs and shoulders can attest to the fact that i am pretty far removed from those days!

Anyway enjoy the pics- at least i know mom and dad will :)

The first hour was spent catching up (which means all the girls going around saying to each other "How are you?? You look great!!" and the guys saying to each other "Whoa! You got fat!"

Then we started to "practice"! 
(That's me, Nicole and Laren- we were roommates my junior and senior year.)

This is 'Jelly'- my stunt partner my senior year.


After practice we went to O'Connell's an Irish pub next to the stadium.
This is Rachel, my roommate in the dorms my freshman year :) 
(if those walls could talk!!)

Look who's wearing an OU t-shirt!! (usually a staunch Baylor fan but i have been recruiting!!)

And here we go for a game-day warm up! (getting more sore each min that passed by)

ooh- that's not quite so natural feeling as i remember

last pic before the game- i loved the little alum tee's they gave us :)

PREGAME! i always LOVED pre-game! the crowd was always out of control and there was so much energy in the air i'd have goose bumps

i am kind of blending in with the crown but that's me making an "O!!!!!!!!!!!!" with my freshman year partner Robert

On the way out i made Jerry do a little Pi Phi swing-by :) 
i slept by the window on the top left.  Sooo many memories!

I was going to throw in a few cool pics from back in the day when i was actually cheering (you know, back when i didn't think twice about wearing a skirt the size of a match box and i didn't even know what the word cellulite meant) but i decided that might be a little over the top.  :)  

anyways, Go Sooners!