Monday, September 22, 2008

is this allowed?

in light of these things...

1. i got Jerry to sing Christmas carols ('O Holy Night' to be specific) in the car last night with me
2. i took a detour into Hallmark just so i could stand in the isle and look at their Christmas things and smell their Christmas candles. i might have shed a tear.
3. i had my cube-mate's full support when my itunes 'accidentally' rolled through to the Josh Groban Noel album. (Katie is perhaps more Christmas psyco than myself) i light of this i thought i would post some Christmas 2007 pics BECAUSE I WANT TO, OK!!!

yea!  my first pea coat (Jerry picked this out all by himself!)

my own left handed glove! 

mmmm Christmas lunch!  seriously, my mom makes the Best food everrrr. (Stephen, A.K.A. The Ear model, was sacrificed to take this picture)

one of the fun gifts was a bike for my :)  so fun!

See now.  wasn't that nice?  can't you just smell the cranberry candles and sugar cookies?  i know some of you have real problems with the mention of Christmas before Thanksgiving so i apologize.  no more out burst like this at LEAST until October :)


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jerry finally put his foot down

this is what we did last weekend.

while waiting for the aftermath of Ike to hit Dallas, Jerry and i decided to drive over to the Shops at Highland Village. on the way over there we had a near collision [emphasis on the word 'near' people!]. i was driving and Jerry was in the passenger seat with his right foot up in the dash board (tacky, i know).

when i made a left turn cutting it a little to close to oncoming traffic for Jerry's comfort, he slammed his foot into my windshield (you know the imaginary break that all passengers use, at least when riding with me.

well the glass cracked as we swerved by a mini van
jerry let some colorful words fly
i let some colorful words fly
he yelled asking me what i was thinking?
i yelled asked him what was he thinking!
then we both died laughing
and finally we settled into the slight depression that always follow an unexpected expense.

but i guess for a weekend that promised to hold a lot more destruction, a cracked windshield's not to bad.

so anyway, eyes on the road and hands at 10 and 2 from now on. i promise...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

better late than never

this is a picture of our new house. 

just kidding, this is where we went for our one year anniversary (still not exactly sure where we were, somewhere in the Ozarks between Arkansas and Oklahoma).    

dang, we are approaching fall and i am just now posting our 1 year anniversary pictures from spring.  i guess this post can be in celebration of our 1.5 year anniversary which is this month??

we did some hiking...

some kayaking (jerry did anyways- the water was waaaay to cold for me to risk falling in)...

and lots of talking and enjoying the scenery.

here's the view of the river that was a lot murkier than normal since there was a storm the night we arrived.  

way out there the stars are really bright and the lightening is even brighter!  i was excited because one of my favorite things is a lightening storm and that was the second time God planned a lightening storm at the beginning of a little getaway.

there was no tv, dvd or dishwasher so i bought paper plates and read a lot :)  i think this book was A Reason for God.  

every night Jerry gathered firewood

and with much precision, 

and careful alignment,

built us a fire


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Caillou and other things

no real theme to this post... and i always like a good theme.

between this post and the last i watched Kite Runner.  movies like that really stick to me a couple of days and make my thoughts churn.  they make me so thankful that we have a perfectly wise God who is fully just and fully merciful. How amazing is that?!  Praise Jesus that He would even deal with us! Ugh, some of those scenes ripped my heart right out. 

moving on

this weekend we got together with Jerry's family. as always it was a blast!  i didn't take many pics but here's one i thought was funny- apparently Caillou is appealing to all ages. 

Little Huddie!  (um and the unfinished cabinets) 

right now Jer and i are watching the Republican National Convention. poor Jer, i make him rewind lot and explain things, which he mostly does very graciously, but every once in a while i will get a, 'babe, maybe if you'd quit blogging and pay attention!'

not to go off on a political tangent but my favorite quote so far hasn't come from Obama, Hillary, John, Sarah or George but from my husband while watching the Democratic National Convention, "i have laughed more watching this than watching Seinfeld!"

anyways, below are a few final beach pics.  

this picture may not reflect it but these are Double-red-flag waters which means under no conditions should you get in the water...  unless you are named Jerry Williams, then by all means, go ahead and wind surf after the lifeguard has gone home.

Jer, Dad and Scott in front of another favorite restaurant, Hamilton's (aka: Stuffmyface)

Dad and Jer fighting the undertow, me from the safety of the umbrella- although i did venture out there everyday

i like this one of Jer.  Should i start a photo business? ;)

i love the beach because it's like a constant pedicure.  that perfect white sand gently smoothing my tired heals.  quite the metaphor really.

thanks mom and dad for letting us tag along! we love you both!!