Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Go Bears!

Every year we alternate whose homecoming game we go to. Last year was OU this year was Baylor! We headed down Friday and went to watch Sing where all the sororities and fraternities perform shows with alot of singing and dancing. Jerry's old fraternity got first place! They were awesome- now i know why all Jer's groomsmen could dance so well! Although i took like zero pictures we had a really good time. i love meeting all Jer's crazy college friends :)

During the trip my favorite pair of black flip-flops (cause they have a little wedge for my 5'1 self) broke!
{Let me insert a little side story here. i was secretly eager to be rid of the black flip-flops because the day before in the Dollar Spot at Target a little kid lost his lunch on my foot. true story. poor little guy.}
i had no other shoes except some red heals which wouldn't bode well with a tail gating party. i ended up buying these Baylor flip-flops which i actually had fun wearing!

Now if Baylor ever steps it up and becomes a threat to my Sooners i'll have to throw them away... but i think we are ok ;)