Monday, March 17, 2008

don't judge me

In one of my recent blogs I was asked to give details of the hiring and firing in my life. Well it got me thinking about my work history and I’d like to give you a few highlights.

Job 1
Limited Too (Jr. year HS)
I was hired with 3 of my best high school girl friends (the same girls I still do monthly girls night with!) We all went to the mall looking for a job and needed the same hours off for games and practice because we were all in cheerleading. Who in the world would hire 4 girls that could only work the same hours? The Limited Too i guess, cause we all got hired on the spot! Anyways, I ended up getting fired because I didn’t show up for work. I totally forgot. Classic.

Job 2
Daycare (Sr. year HS)
I don’t remember the name of this place but it had the word Tree in it. So I went to apply for this job thinking it would be a good match because I love kids. Well I walk in and it’s a little ghetto, but that’s ok right! Ghetto kids are even more fun to love on! So I give them a smashing interview and wha-la! I am hired. Later that week I come in ready to be assigned a group of children or paired up with a teacher to train me but what do you think happened instead? They handed me a broom and pointed me to the janitor’s closet. Looks like they forgot to mention that by ‘day care worker’ they meant ‘toilet bowl cleaner’ (and let me tell you little potty-training boys have no aim). Now I am not one to quit so I really hung in there for a while thinking that surely they would notice that I was magical with children and move me to a room. Low and behold all they noticed was my deflating attitude in dealing with the kids whose poop went awry that day. Eventually we had a meeting where both parties decided it was not a good fit and that I should pack my bag.

Job 3
The Crack House (Summer during college)

Ok, somehow this is the job I forget about most often- probably it’s a means of self-protection. So I hear from some of my guy friends from high school (first red flag) that they are making good money doing a real easy job (second red flag). I go with them one night, get hired on the spot and get handed my first headset… for my new job as a telemarketer (third red flag). So I suite up and got ready to be trained on my first sales call. They hand me a script that we can use but it’s hinted that we have 'free range'; truth was flexible (flag number 4). So what am I selling? We are calling students (under 18, flag number 5) in high school and asking them if they want to purchase a Parent Appreciation Plaque that will have their school name and mascot on it etcetera. I was only getting a few bites and the natural competitor in me came out; I discovered my own script that really got the job done. I would call and ask for the student, hint that I was a fellow student, hint that this was some sort of student council thing and hint that if they didn’t buy this their parents would be the only ones that didn’t get the plaque. Yes, their parents would have to pay for it when it arrived at the door, but don’t worry, they will be so excited to get their plaque it won’t matter! (I won’t even go into the dog and pony show that the cheap plaque actually was.) Moving on, there’s more ground to cover, more flags to reveal. So after week of a job well done it was time for a paycheck. How do you get a paycheck? You ride with high school guy friends to boss’s house where he pays you in cash (flagflagflag). Not to mention your boss is always (ahem, flag) way cracked out. The final red flag is given out for the day when I showed up for work and the place was abandoned. And that's how that one ended.

Job 4
Realtor’s assistant (another college summer)

Not much to say here except that I guess I didn’t learn my lesson from the last experience cause I got paid in cash here too. It was real shady everyone was crazy. To this day they still owe me $700.

I think after that most my jobs were legit- or at least legal.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

just an update- nothing profound

What great weather for a weekend! Friday Jer and I made lunches and took sandwiches to the park. There was a big pond and almost no one else was there except the occasional joggers who trotted by us at a distance. Jerry fished and I read. I love watching jerry fish cause I know that every cell in his body is happy. He is the picture of contentment :) he didn't catch any fish though; come to think of it he has never caught a fish when I am there. He said maybe it was the schizophrenic temperature that had something to do with them not biting or maybe all the turtles in the pond finally ate them all up but I am beginning to think that I am bad luck!

We got some good 'talk time'. It’s so nice getting out of the apartments and away from the usual tasks of life- even if it's just for a couple of hours. It’s good for the soul. We laid under this big tree and watched the bees pollinate it. Then, in typical lauren fashion, I told Jer it was time to go cause I had to pee. So we packed it up and drove up to Bahama Bucks for some yummy snow cones. I got strawberry-grape which turned out to be the best combo I have had yet... it also turned out to be all over my white tee. Whoops. Anyways, on with the day.

We went back to get cleaned up for a dinner with a couple who live downtown. Jer had a loan app at 5:30 so I just rode down to work with him and killed time why he worked by... getting a manicure AND a pedicure. I tell you if that is not blog worthy nothing is. I mean it was wonderful. My toes were tore UP before that! When I look at my shiny pink toes I praise the Lord... you would too if you'd have seen my toes that had been in hibernation all winter. So on to Blue Fish. You know I rarely find a sushi roll that I don't like but there is something to be said for a good ole California roll. Classic perfection if you ask me. Afterwards as if we weren't full enough we went to some place called Pokey O's where you pick out two cookies and ice-cream and they smash it in a sandwich for you! Yum. Why must I adore ice cream?

Saturday I woke up early and went to Recovery. It was great as usual. Jerry and I killed the day by more relaxing until he had to leave me to do parking at the church. I met him up there at 5 it also was great as usual. After that I left to meet up with my girl friends from high school for our monthly girls night. This month we were celebrating Taylor's birthday and went to the Mercy Bar. Jenny had a grilled green apple and cheese sandwich that I am going to try and make at home this week for Jer and I. She said it was amazing and it looked yummy.

Sunday Jer and I had to take my little car to get the oil-changed cause the oil light came on and there was ZERO oil in my car. It wasn't even due for a change! Bummer.

Now I am taking a break from a major spring-cleaning. I mean I was even washing the walls. Whew! I am worn out!

Anyways, I don't know why I felt the need to type a long blog about nothing! Hope it wasn't too boring to read! just felt like typing :) the dryer is buzzing so i must go!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


i was tagged by rebekah!

10 Years Ago...

Let's see here i was 17/18 so that would mean i was a junior at South Garland home of the mighty Colonels. i was cheering for the football team and also competing with Cheer Athletics Allstars. i was probably being chauffeured around by Taylor Rusk (now Fields) and acting up with some of my girl friends (Natasha, Jenny, and Rachel). I believe i was dating Jason Mills and soon to be swapping him for Don Bulin.. oh high school :) Yep, i think that's about as far as my world went :)

Things on my to-do list today:
*Work out
*Clean out my trunk
*Hang a mirror on the wall in our bedroom (um this has been on the list for a while now)
*Call about a washer piece (yes, remember the Maytag dryer story? well her sister is in a coma)
*Make a lunch for tomorrow (i hate doing this)

What would i do if i became loaded:
*Travel- there would be no stone unturned and think how fun it would be to be able to pay for friends and family to come with?!
*I am also on board with the laser hair removal on the legs...HEAVEN!!!
*Of course we would give a load away
*I think i would go to the movies alot too. i heart the movie theater :)
*Lots of date nights with my hubby and friends and family- I mean how fun would that be to always be able to pick up the check when you went out with people??!!

Three of my bad habits:
1. Chopping my nails off cause i don't feel like dealing with them. i don't know if it's a habit though
2. Leaving wrappers out- gum and splenda when i season my coffee
3. negative thinking (i like to call it realistic thinking but jer always tells me i am too hard on myself)
(Of course... ice-cream goes with out saying)

Five jobs i've had:
1. Limited Too- Got fired
2. Daycare center- Got asked to leave
3. Cafe Plaid- little coffee shop that i opened at. one of my favorite jobs
4. Eastern Hills Country Club as a waitress and golf cart girl- i loved this job too
5. Centex/Nationstar aka: Hell on earth i shiver when i think about it although Sum and i got to be best buds in that sweat shop
And Currently!... The Village Church- Pastoral Care & Recovery ministry assistant LOVE IT :)

Five things people don't know about me:
1. i feel bad about my last blog. that was kind of mean :( she's just trying to live life
2. i let my favorite perfumes and lotions go bad because i never want to use them cause i don't want to run out. dumb i know
3. i love the food network, i got addicted when i got sick earlier and it was the only thing good on at 4 in the morning
4. if i get depressed i like to do puzzles and listen to dido. ha! kind of nerdy!
5. i hate when people touch my veins- i made the mistake of telling jerry this and he makes it his life mission to push on the big artery on my arm and i want to throw up. whatever this thing is i think it's related to me hating getting my blood pressure taken as well.

Miss Ashley K i am tagging you!!

ps. someone help me make my blog look pretty. how are all you people doing it?