Friday, August 24, 2007

sniffing white powdery stuff

before you call the elders you should know that my dealer is L'oreal. i don't know how i manage to do these things but somehow during a rapid make-up application i inhaled a puff of her Pale Bare Naturale. sneezed for about 10 minutes. rough morning.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8 random facts

***Bex tagged me a while ago but i have for some reason been putting it off casue i thought i would go blank on coming up with 8 random facts. But really once you get going it's not too bad!
{Insert RULES here}
1. I have had posttraumatic amnesia. (Really what amnesia isn’t posttraumatic?? But i like to throw in the full title cause it make it sound more scary/soap opera-ish!) Although i didn’t enjoy the pain that came with the blow to the head I must say, having amnesia is probably one of the coolest things ever. I mean I can understand head bump=bleeding but I can’t fathom head bump= mind acting like an etch-a-sketch. I mean WHAT is going on up there?!
2. I have a fear of getting my eyes poked. I usually have to bend my straws down in my drink at restaurants.
3. I shout at traffic in a Russian accent when alone in my car. (Actually it's probably more of a blend of accents...)
4. I love boiled peanuts and fried green tomatoes. Can you tell my roots are in the South?
5. I would rather cut off my arm than tumble again. (But there is a part of me that would love to take a gymnastics class)
6. I’m truly comfortable in front of a crowd of 80,000 (Go Sooners!!) but sometimes get so nervous in a one-on-one convo I could pass as a mute.
7. Fruit (watermelon, kiwi, bananas, cantaloupe, pomegranate, apples ect.) often makes me more in awe of God’s goodness, provision and grace than most worship and sermons.
8. I have occasional (ok, daily) thirst attacks. I know I am probably totally fabricating them cause all the hydration really does is make me pee every 45min. (However I am STILL a great road trip partner despite what Jerry may say!)

***i think pretty much everyone i stalk has answered these... Andrea B?? have you been tagged?!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


So I am sitting in my apartment working through a pile of dirty clothes when I feel something come on that resembled an asthma attack. At first I was a bit confused and alarmed but slowly realized that my body was responding to the sudden drop off of vitamin D. So I hustled to get our wet clothes out of the washer and into a laundry basket to be run to the apartment laundry mat (sigh… our 80 year old dryer has finally bit the dust). I thought the remedy might be some time by the pool so as to ease the ocean with-drawls. But as I am rounding the corner that gives view to our pool my heart sinks. A 20X4” pool is simply no match for the breath taking sight that is the Ocean.

Yes for the past week I have been at the Gulf Shores beach living the life (that I am convinced I was made for).

The week began at 4:30am (yes AM) when we clamored in to Jer’s car- me up front, Mel and Jamie (newly ENGAGED!) in the back and Jer at the wheel. And thus was the seating chart for the whole 11 hours.

We finally rolled up to our home for the week and were greeted by John and Lecia, seriously the Best in-laws I could have ever asked for. The rest of the group consisted of Jer's sister Haley, (husband Cody still on call with the Navy); cousin Alissa & husband Brian; brother Grant, wife Sarah & everyone’s favorite of the trip sweet, little, Rhett.

Every night a couple was assigned to cook something. I cooked the only meal I feel comfortable cooking- Mexican pizza. 12 mouths to feed was a little intimidating for someone who just baked her first BOX cake only a few days before.

Hayley, an excellent cook, who made a gourmet meal of peanut chicken also, proved to be a mean jet ski driver! One day, six of us went out to ride jet skis but only three of us had our driver’s license. So the three with the license drove and I was (happily) forced to be a passenger. This was great because I am an excellent leach and thus never thrown off. Oh how I LOVE jet skies in the ocean!!

Like I have hinted at in above paragraphs… I am SUCH a beach person. It’s the only place lying on your back from dusk till dawn catching up on your People magazines is considered “doing” something. Unless you are Jerry of course, then your beach trip will look something more like Boot Camp.

He literally wore him self out EVERYDAY running, throwing, diving, catching, swimming, surfing or… crabbing.

Thirty-two in all!

Yes, he and Jamie had quite the time living their own version of Man Versus Wild. And I quote Jamie directly, “Sometimes when I fly on planes I pray that we will crash on an island like Lost!” Jerry, delighted in having found his sole mate, literally jumped for joy at the idea and said, “YES!! But only with no demonic black cloud-monsters… but actually we could probably cast those out.”

Only time it's ok to leave the beach? A Shopping Spree! Whoo hoo!
Sweet Sarah- Prego with little Hudson- wins the Cutest Prego award.
Like father like son
Last night, all dressed up!
All the boys! (My camera died right before the girl pic, sad.)
Not to sound like the Cleavers but hang out time with family is simply bar none. For example: One night we were playing a board game (yes, board games are a staple in this family) and one of the questions you had to write down a person and a quality you admire most and the challenge actually came in choosing the person. I could have written a paragraph about each.