Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lists of Things

Things I am enjoying while Jerry is out of town fishing:
1.  Being able to park smack dab in the middle of the garage
2.  Being able to turn my heating blanket up to full blast when I go to sleep at night
3.  Hmm, yep, that's it.  COME HOME HUSBAND!

Things I have been obsessing over in my fridge/pantry:
1. Almond stuffed olives.  Don't even really like olives but these are irresistible.
2. Blue cheese.  A few weeks ago I made blue cheese stuffed turkey burgers and fell in love with the flavor.  
3. Smoked Gouda.  Why did I waste most of my life without trying this?  Why wasn't there intervention?? Are you not my friends?
4. Cinnamon.  I have been putting this on anything remotely sweet; coffee, toast, cereal, ice-cream. Yummm

Things I have been doing with my spare time:
1.  Cleaning out and organizing all my pictures.  This is a CHORE.  Right now I have pictures from all time periods in random nooks and crannies of my house and car.  It's time for some adult organization.  I am only in the beginning stages of this but hope to finish by this time next week... we'll see.
2.  Painting.  I fell in love with a painting that was expensive so I though I would just try and paint it.  Is this the picture of over-ambition?  Probably.  Anyways yesterday I sat down on my kitchen floor and gave it a go.  (That's the one and only bonus to hating your floral print kitchen floor- you can paint on it and not worry too much about making it look bad).  Well the picture I was trying to emulate was an abstract and my finished product looks decisively literal. Oh well.  Maybe Jerry will like it :)

In closing I would like to apologize for the lack of photos.  I can't seem to find the cord that hooks to my laptop.  Probably in a nook somewhere with aged photos.